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About 「capsaicin」

Hi, I'm John!  I'm a video artist, filmmaker, and music producer.  I primarily create live, abstract video art at underground shows, performances, and parties.  I also create music videos, and I am branching further into music production and performance, focusing mostly on developing a live show that will incorporate my video art with industrial techno, performed live without computers.  

I make my living from my art and music work, and by supporting me you would help me continue to support myself while creating!  :D <3 


My work as an artist navigates the space between visual & auditory art forms. I attempt to create an abstract, synesthetic experience, to place the audience in a wordless, childlike, spiritually & emotionally open state of awe, and facilitate 'direct experience.' For me, this is a form of political resistance against the empty, soulless corporate 'entertainment' culture that is forced on us. The goal is to break people out of their 'default' headspace, allow them to see the world in a different light, and inspire social change.

I make heavy use of projectors, often splashing multiple images across walls & ceilings to transform the space into an alternate reality. My productions have included stage & lighting design, interactive gallery installations, music videos, DJing & music production. I also often use a DSLR for both stills & video in my creation process. Recently I've had renewed interest in analog media, including 16mm film, NTSC video, & vinyl records, and look for ways to incorporate practical effects & "old-school"/"movie magic" techniques whenever possible.

My influences include the 1960s/1970s psychedelic art movement (especially live liquid projection shows), early video artists such as Nam June Paik & Bill Viola, experimental filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage & Peter Tscherkassky, and the "VJ" culture that flourished throughout the 1990s & early 2000s at underground parties & raves along with dance music such as Techno, Drum & Bass, and Trance.
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