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About Captain Away

Who is Captain Away? I am! What do I do? Aside from flying away really, really well, I do a weekly blog where I review a comic book series following along by the collected trade paperbacks, or a graphic novel. I also create a monthly podcast called Comic Cave where a guest and I discuss the reviews in greater detail. Patrons who subscribe here at Patreon will also have exclusive access to a bonus episode each month that talks more about comic related media. I am also one half of the main team of The Antiverse Podcast, an occasional podcast that talks about video games and media hype.

The weekly reviews and main podcast episodes are free, and they will remain free for as long as I can maintain them. However, your support goes a long way toward making sure I can continue making new updates, and allowing me the web space I need to keep the reviews supplied with pretty pictures. It can also help me subscribe to online comic book services so that I can keep reading more comics, so I can keep reviewing more comics. With enough support, we can also upgrade our recording equipment to bring you higher quality podcasts.

So what do you get out of it? Good question, dear citizen! Aside from the monthly, exclusive Captain Away Podcast episode, you'll also get early access to both the blog posts and the podcasts. Also, if you back at a high enough tier, I'll even buy a double-walled drink tumbler, laser etch the official Captain Away logo on it and a personalized message (i.e. your name, or a quote from a review or podcast episode, or a short message to you of your choice!) from me to you! It'll be like this awesome etching I've already done for my own drink tumbler:

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