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About Captain

Why should you pledge to me?
Well, you probably shouldn't.
I'd save my money if I were you.

I'll just give up eating.
…and i'll beg for money off the streets.
…and steal electricity.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

Helping support my Patreon means I'll be able to afford a better work area, better equipment and perhaps, will give me more time to finish videos sooner, or learn to use new tools like Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and Flash. I'll also be able to start paying those who have worked hard in helping make each video possible!

On the last week of most months,
I will open up a pledge reward for getting commissions done.
Look out for that. Slots will be limited!
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➤ Grants Access To My Patreon Campaign news feed. updates you on all my new videos i'm releasing or not. And grants you access a Patreon donator.
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➤ Access To All Previous Rewards.
➤ Access to my skype contacts for direct communication, for a chat, or just a call!
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➤ Access To All Previous Rewards.
➤ Pledging $5.00 Will Be Able To Watch Me Live Stream Gameplays.
➤ Also Behind Scenes on Upcoming Projects on Certain days.
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➤ Access To All Previous Rewards.
➤ Access To My Unlisted Videos Or Unfinished Videos I Never Uploaded.

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Stop! Why would you donate this much money..? Are you insane? Well, if you insist.. then you are officially a sponsor! I'll credit you at the end of every video and in the descriptions.
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Do you understand what this milestone would mean? I would get $100 each month! I Knew YouTube was a great career choice!
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