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About Me and the Game I'm Working On:

I’m an aspiring Game Developer.  I'm currently working on an Unreal Engine 4 game called "Clutch Ball".  It's a mixture of sorts, inspired by games such as "Marble Madness", "Monkey Ball", "Marble Blast", "Nimbus", and "Portal".  I'm being very inventive and coming up with clever ways to blend parkour style gameplay with puzzle solving elements.

After years of making community maps for Unreal Tournament, I've decided that it's time to venture into new territory.  I'm making a game almost completely from scratch.  I'm learning how to do everything required to make a game.

Past Projects & Success Stories

Lea Observatory - The first community map for Unreal Tournament. It’s a remake of a popular Unreal Tournament 2004 map by Hightecman - made using 100% custom assets that I created. Its aim was to be a competitive duel map with a focus on gameplay and visuals. Upon its completion in early 2015, I was flown out to San Francisco where I showed off this map and promoted Unreal Tournament at the Game Developers Conference.

Twitch.tv - I livestream most of what I’m doing on Twitch tv, including the game I'm currently working on. I give game design tips to the community, and also receive great feedback on my current projects. Everybody learns on my stream, whether you’re a lurker, or asking for help.

Ruins of Lacson Mansion - My first attempt at using zbrush extensively for a project, and also a test to see if I could reproduce something from real life. I spent 2-3 months learning about sculpting, baking, retopology, and optimizing high quality assets.
Pro maps for UT3 - I modified several maps to improve collisions, gameplay and performance without sacrificing visual quality.
Pure Station - My second map for Unreal Tournament 3. Built using epic’s provided assets. Goal was to recreate a popular UT3 map, improve collisions and innovate the map in ways to improve gameplay.  Original map was made by Sdruifos
Lea (UT3) - My first map ever. This was my first recreation of the UT2004 map by Hightecman - made using Epic’s provided assets.
Galaxypugs.com - Admined several competitive duel tournaments, including website, twitch.tv shoutcasting, livestreaming, and organizing community events.

Why I Need Your Support:

I currently do not have a day job, and I fear I may have to get one very soon.  Game development is my passion, it is my career, it is my goal in life.  In order to achieve this goal, I need to seek out a way to make it sustainable for me while I develop my first game!  Patreon opens the door wide open for this possibility.  Your support helps make game development as a sustainable career possible for me.

Long Term Goals:

I eventually want to sell this game on Steam for around the $10-15 price range.  Any pre-alpha / alpha versions that I have given away for free will continue to be free forever.  Once the game is on Steam, it may require purchasing the game again to continue to receive updates to the game.  If possible, I will try to give the game away for free to some of my top Patreon supporters as a gesture of saying thanks!  Once the game is greenlit on Steam as an early access game, I will continue to make updates to the game until it is finished!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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