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Every pledge matters. Believe it or not, $1 is hundreds of times more than any YouTuber makes per month from a single viewer through ad revenue.

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If you watched every video I made throughout the entire year 10 times, I still wouldn't earn this much from ad revenue.

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If you donated $10 to me through YouTube, they would take $3 of it. I keep almost all of it through Patreon, so thanks for going out of your way to cut out the middle man!




What’s up guys!

I'm CaptainSauce, and this is my patreon page! This is where you can help support my passion in creating gaming videos for you to enjoy. In the past, pledges were used to help improve my videos. Over time I upgraded my PC, branched into VR and mobile games, and they were even a big factor in getting me through the adpocalypse of 2017.

The channel has now grown to a stable enough state that Patreon pledges mainly act as a safety net. If something goes wrong with YT ads, Patreon may become the only thing that keeps me going. I don't solicit this page in my videos, I don't have any rewards to give patrons and I ask that anyone who is considering pledging only do so if they can afford to. This is solely here for people who want to further support the daily entertainment I provide.

- CaptainSauce
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