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About Sam

Who am I?

My name is Sam and I create cartoons, paintings, portraits, blogs, books and videos. My goal in my life is to be creatively free and connect with people in a meaningful way through my work. I am a portrait artist by profession, for which I am extremely lucky but I want to be doing more, which is why I’m on Patreon...

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Why am I asking for support?

Being able to draw all day and give people something that makes them happy is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling. However I want my work to be accessible to more people instead of disappearing after it is done (like a portrait). Being a portrait artist is also creatively restrictive and I want to be creating freely from the ‘heart’...

What does 'creating from the heart' mean?... In 2005 I was unhappy and lost. I created a cartoon character called Onion (the little French guy you can see dotted about). Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was a way of processing the discomfort in my mind and reframing reality in the way I saw it. I meant every second of it and as a result the cartoons are raw and honest. His crazy little stories resonated with people. I could tell by how they talked to me that he gave life to something within that was not common. It created a deep connection. It felt like I had struck a magical chord within people.

This work is what I want to be doing more of, work that comes from a place of creative freedom and honesty. However, I’m finding it very difficult to sell this kind of work and so I'm doing less of it. This is why I am reaching out to you, the people who get something meaningful from my little creations.

What do you get?

To show my gratitude for your support, I have lined up a series of awesome rewards (on the right hand side of this page). The rewards increase depending on the subscription amount. I am appreciative of any amount and it's important to me to make sure you feel appreciated. 

What will your contributions go towards?

By supporting me, you will be actively responsible for helping me create the things that inspire me (and therefore hopefully you): cartoons, portraits, videos, books, paintings, and stories. As I do this, hopefully you will be able to feel the inspiration pouring out of the screen and take something away to use to make your life a little bit better. Because I am creating this work in the small amount of time outside work hours, it is all rushed, so your subscription will give me more time to produce higher quality content and more of it! I release polls to decide what to work on next so you will have an active role in influencing what you see.

If you feel like my work has spoken to you in the past, you are basically paying for more of that!

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really hope you’ll join me in this exciting adventure.

To infinity and beyond!
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I will release a brand stinking new FULL COLOUR Onion cartoon with EXTRA stupid on the side
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