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For you kick ass pledge, you receive a signed CD copy of the album "Every Storm Under The Sun", a poster, sticker, magnet, and a Captain Wails T-Shirt. All original artwork by Captain Wails and The Harpoons.




per The Album "Every Storm Under The Sun


Hi everyone, We're Captain Wails and The Harpoons from Rockford, IL, nice to meet you. We write and record music about our lives and try to share common experiences with all of our friends across the world. Collectively, all of our hearts and souls go into writing, recording, and putting out records for others to enjoy. We share great pride in curating our art and trying to continually put out new and interesting material for you to experience. We envelop ourselves in our craft and travel often to visit everyone abroad. The Creeky Ship that is our tour truck storms from campsite to campsite and venue to venue keeping us on course and the Mogwai in the back of the truck keeps us safe at night. Recently, we crashed the Creeky Ship in Portland, OR for a month to record our latest album, "Every Storm Under The Sun", at Ice Cream Party Studio. We were privileged to work with producer Lee Popa, use tons of awesome equipment, sleep on floors, drink red wine at midnight, and rock and roll on a supreme analog mixing board. Harrrrr! "Every Storm Under The Sun" is finished now, sounds radical, and means a lot to all of us. We intend to put the album out on vinyl with full artwork, poster insert with lyrics, digital download, and included CD. However, we need help to get the music pressed. Everyone who is kind enough to pledge to us will get a signed and numbered copy of the album and you also have the option to get a personalized Captain Wails holiday card. Harr, Harr, Harr! In addition, you'll see all three of our silly smiling faces when we head out on tour to thank everyone. We already have half of the next album done for the record to follow "Every Storm Under The Sun" so please stay tuned and enjoy our music, we plan on putting new stuff out for a long time. 
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We are asking for help to print and press the album on vinyl, cd, and digital.
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