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About Captiota

I am a person who wants to be intelligent. Smart is an awesome thing to have. Being smart, Shapes the way how you face problems. Intelligence helps to take good decision

Without going into a long discussion about what intelligence is, I would say that the ability to gather information from multiple sources, to weigh that information, and to consider consequences of them, helps you develop good judgment.
For example, say you were offered a deal on a high-end laptop on Kijiji and the vendor told you: “All you have to do is send me a $200 deposit to reserve it. You can pay the remaining $100 when I get back in town next week and deliver it to you.”
If you’re intelligent, your reasoning brain would shop around and come to the conclusion that the deal is too good to be true. You would also recognize that you would be assuming a $200 risk if you accepted the deal.
If you are less intelligent, your desire to own this computer and your wishful thinking that it’s a legit deal might sway you to send the money with no assurance that you would ever see the laptop.
An intelligent person, even if they did send the $200 and lose their money, would be able to learn a lesson from the experience and generalize it to other situations.
Unfortunately, bad choices can really compound each other.
I want to add that I do not consider intelligence (or intellect) to be the most important feature of a person. Character traits like integrity, kindness, honesty, loyalty, creativity, and a sense of humour are much higher on my personal scale of people I want to live and work with.

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