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I'm trying to become who I want to be and with being unemployed at the moment I can't do that without your help and to some of you this might sound like a scam but I'm just someone who want's to make content for people to enjoy through gaming streams.
$0 of $400 per month
When I reach $2000 in total not monthly I plan on getting a computer that can run vr and getting the vive to play vrchat and I might stream that if possible. I will still stream from my PlayStation but I hope to do more when I can. I plan on getting a better pc first to stream more games and games that I can actually play with better hardware. I hope that I can make better content for my viewers if I have any in the future with this goal. I will add Tiers when I get around 10-15 patrons if I can, I don't want anyone to be tempted to donate more then they really want to so everyone can donate whatever without temtations for now.
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