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About Codection

We are Codection and we love creating free (libre) software especially for WordPress. It is hard to mantain free software and at the same time give the best support in our plugins without your help.

Making plugins for WordPress helps the community in many different ways. We make possible that everybody can use a trustful code (no backdoors), for free (no money to pay), universal and also we offer new functionalities that would be no accesible for most users without those plugins.

Moreover all this ton of work needs to be manteined and also most of users needs support to be able to get their particular problem solved when their are using those plugins.
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Our first goal is to make possible to improve all the support we offer to users.

We would be able to give better support for all our free plugins. We could use more hours every month to attend the community instead of working hard in other projects to mantain the company.
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