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About Justin and CarbageOnline.com

I have found that automotive videos and articles that try to teach come out bland or too monotone. I aim to fix that with more entertainment along with the education and help those who struggle with automotive subjects. I will do this with fun videos and story style writing that draws people in without it being too distracting from the core lesson.

However, Carbage should be more than that and that's another reason why I feel that you should support us. I have a plan for Carbage beyond just being anything close to a hobby and I'm not on here to just say "Hey, pay me!" The plan is this:

1. Use Patreon to fund better equipment and travel expenses to get to tracks, shops, or where ever the stories are at.
2. Use Patreon to fund Carbage to hire more writers, photographers, and videographers.
3. Create great automotive content on CarbageOnline.com and youtube.com/carbageonline

So, as you can see, I have a grand scheme for Carbage and hopefully show that I'm not just your average Patreon or social funder, looking for money to have fun or buy expensive crap. I want Carbage to grow and prosper, to give someone else a chance to do what they love doing for a living wage, and become a major media and news source in the automotive industry. It's not lost on me that this still takes time, effort, and sacrifice even with Patreon, but this is something I'm willing to dedicate my life to and I fully understand the challenge before me. Through Patreon and your monetary support, it makes the challenge a little more affordable.
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This will allow Carbage Online to hire a freelance content creator so they have the same chance I did when I first started. So, let's do this! Let's help give someone their chance to use their talents in something they are passionate about! Let's help these new guys and gals get out there with their own unique content while being paid for it!
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