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About Jacek Mulak

My name is Jacek, I'm from Poland, and I design and customise motorcycles. Their brand name is Cardsharper Customs, but the truth is that the whole company is me. Be a part of this brand, for as low as 1$ a month, and let the guy, who can't run business, but has a talent and great passion for modyfying motorcycles, create even better looking custom machines.

About me

In 2013 I quit my job, rented a garage (which looked more like a shed or a bunker), bought some tools, hired some people and I started to work on motorcycles. My customers did not impose their visions, I was (mostly) able to design the way I wanted. Unfortunately, money got in the way – the budgets were small and I wanted to create unique motorcycles. I lowered the labour costs, I designed for free, and I had to pour my own money into some of the motorcycles.

I also accepted too many motorcycles at one time, so the time of completion became longer and longer and I had to pay the employees, the rent for the garage, etc. Before I realised, I spent my savings, my employees left, and I was on my own. That was almost a year ago. The motorcycles are still being created, but the process is terribly slow – I have to create all the elements, choose and buy the parts, design the parts on a computer, visit the subcontractors.

I finished my last three motorcycles on my own and I think they are the best I’ve made so far, and you won’t believe how many great ideas I had to put on hold... because of the time pressure, because of the budget.

I need your help.

I want to create more motorcycles – not ordered by the customers, but for you. Seeing the motorcycles I made in a shed with cheap basic tools, on small budgets, under the pressure of time, imagine what we can achieve together. Motorcycles made with even better care for details, with even better manually created elements, not just waterjet-cut, elements made on 3D milling machines like swingarms, engine covers, lamp housings. Let’s use 3D printers. Let’s make vintage & modern motorcycles. Combining styles and playing with them. Just let me spread my wings.

Thanks to your support I’ll be able to bring back a helping hand. Buy better tools. We will work on a motorcycles that, once completed, will be available to you (see the prizes). I would like to finish the first Patreon motorcycle within 6 months. It's up to you if I am going to make it. With help, I’m going to have the time for a weekly report on the things that have been done – what I’ve bought, what I’ve broken, including photos. I will also answer your questions about custom motorcycles, to the best of my knowledge. From time to time I’m going to share with you my ideas and thoughts on motorcycles, describe how to make a particular detail.

Some of you (see the prizes) will be able to download files that will allow you to waterjet cut the same detail I designed and made (with descriptions on the material that should be used, with photos showing where and how I used it). Of course you can also modify them at will...
My projects were never based on ready accessories, which you can buy in a store. In my motorcycles the accessories that are bought and unmodified by me can be counted on the fingers of one hand – almost everything is made or adapted to my vision. Each frame and each swingarm is modified. The bodies are made manually out of plate, the accessories are designed and waterjet cut, etc. I will show you what you can do and how to do it.

Maybe I’ll finally be able to go to motorcycle shows, championships and all kinds of custom motorcycle events. Let’s see if we can win something. I’m going to provide daily reports from the events, including photos and videos.

What is patreon?

Patreon is a way to help support me if you enjoy my work. With this funding platform you can give regular support and let me build even better custom motorcycles. You can change or cancel the donation at any time.

So, can you spare the cost of one coffee a month to help make my dreams a reality? Click BECOME A PATRON button and JOIN NOW!
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You guys are awesome, you let me create motorcycles. My basic needs are fulfilled: the rent for garage is paid, I can buy consumables like electrodes, argon, grinding discs, etc.
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