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Who i am?
My name is Csurgo Karoly, but you can simply call me Carl. I am a typical ZBrush cowboy, who likes to work only in ZBrush. I create mostly iconic monsters or creatures for 3d printing. So most of my models are organic type. You can find monsters, memes, creatures, zombies, book characters, ect.
    All of my models are free of charge and can be found on Thingieverse.

Why am i here?
    Why not???
    I make free models, but the free stuff's won't pay the bills... and i cannot pay with them for INSTANT NOODELS! That! That is the main purpose! NOODLES!
    If you like the things i make and do and you'd like to see/get more of my models please consider to support me. And in that case... i can... eat more... NOODLES!

What will you get?
    Free models! Ahm... yea... so... you get it.
    You can do with these model anything you want: print them, remix them, use them for rendering, put them into INSTANT NOODLES, ect.
    You can influence my workflow, get better points in polls i make, even get a chance to get a physical model from me.

Where are these models?
    Click the link below and you can find all my models:

You can chat with me on my Discord Server:
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This is the bare minimum here for the living. With this much help i can quit my job and start to be a 3D Artist.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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