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About Carl Nielsen

Wow! Thanks for checking out my Patreon campaign. If you're already supporting me - thanks ever so much - you're what's making it possible for me to keep doing this :)

Hi I'm Carl. I'm a boy aged a bit over five-and-a-half (decades, as my 'winter-blonde' beard shows!) I love life... and thinking... and tinkering... and being creative in lots of different ways. Sometimes that's more about philosophy than making stuff but not always. I think we all need to chill and I particularly love the A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh) quote: "Sometimes I sits and I thinks... Other times I just sits."

I believe God loves us all and sometimes I'll want to talk about that too. I'll clearly label each video so you don't stumble on something you don't want to!

Once again, if you've decided to support me, Thanks! XD
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Wow that was quick! - 1 supporter within minutes of launch! Thanks James! XD

Now if 10 sign up I'll make a special unlisted YouTube video that only you guys can see...
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