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Thank you for supporting my Art
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About Carmen Bonnici

As a self taught artist i am creating art on a regular basis. Painting is my world i have created and to share my creative talents with the world is a wonderful feeling. The joy of bringing happiness and joy to others through my art and writings and photography is very important to me.
If i can bring joy to peoples lives and capture their emotions and enlighten their souls through my creativity then i am blessed.

I need the encouragement and support from my patrons to enable me to continue to share my creations to the world. All beautiful creativity should be enjoyed, as well shared and loved by everyone that loves creativity and needs it in their lives on a daily basis.
To experience art in its true form up close and personal is like having a very unique and spiritual experience that is extremely personal and emotionally very moving.
A beautiful piece of artwork, an incredible photo or deeply stimulating and moving poem or book should be appreciated and devoured in the privacy and solitude of ones innermost private world of thoughts and their own unique  reality.

I want to share my art and literature as well as my photography with all my wonderful supporters, followers and friends as well as well as all members of the public universally. But i can only do this with the support and generosity from people like yourselves that love and feel great passion for the arts.

It was in 2003 when i discovered my creative talents, that was 13 years ago. After a great tragedy in my life it was my salvation as was writing poetry. It has been my therapy of self healing. Helped me to overcome my anxiety attacks and helps me greatly in my times of depression . My art and poetry really did save my life and save my sanity. I would crumble without it. It would destroy me. I feel proud of my achievement.

Being self taught and starting off in a few small cafes, i was within two years offered exhibitions in some of the most influential and amazing galleries in New York. Many i still haven't been able to except because of the financial costs involved.

Money has held me back to achieving my goals with my artwork. My art could have been hanging up in Agora Gallery in New York long ago. But always the money was the issue. So i have missed out on many wonderful opportunities. I find this has been soul destroying.

There are times i run out of materials, Paints, canvases, frames and stretcher bars. Then there's finding the money to rent a studio instead of trying to paint in a tiny bedroom. Shipping costs, exhibition fees.
All these costs i do not have the money for. I love what i do and I'm proud i sold over 70 paints in the first two years i started painting.

I also just published my first book of poetry on amazon. It has been given 5 stars and beautiful reviews. I never once let my dyslexia stop me writing, ever. Please go on amazon and buy my book if you love romantic poetry. You will not be disappointed. It is full of beautiful poetry and personal photos. I really need your support. Please believe in me and my creative abilities and pledge to be a patron so i can continue my journey of creativity.  

Blessings, Love and light, Carmen Bonnici. xox

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