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In the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, he began saying "Midway upon the journey of our life" preparing to narrate a journey.
In Greek culture, Ulysses embarks on a journey back to the house and then again Abraham, in Jewish instead so as not to return.
The journey is a metaphor for life, and increasingly finds particular space in the literature of all time, in art or in the lyrics, "you start to forget or look for a waterfront / to have another life and you can start over [...] / away is know ", she sings the Roman songwriter Niccolò Fabi.

A trip to the memory back, another is into the future, toward the new that excited but also a bit 'scared for his uncertainty.
Past and future, memory and hope.We are all travelers, there are those who dare to jump in and start, and those who remain still and travels every day in his head.
The illustrations of Carmen Munafò tell of courage, who every day challenge the storms, the scorching sun, the crowd, the small boats, the fear, leaving behind their homes, their own history to arrive at a new life.
But the Sicilian artist, born in the province of Messina in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, born in 1984, recounts the courage of those who every day welcomes these people giving a smile, a hot meal, a blanket, water and the beginning of a new life.His drawings become evidence.
Illustrations experimental take shape through the use of technology and become before the eyes of the viewer images, signs, symbol of what is now increasingly we happen to see: just look with attention representations dreamy, lighthouse, stars, the stairs, the trees turned into clouds, the horizon, to grasp the message of love and hope that his images they want to convey.
Fresh designs, the great expressive power, thanks to its broad brushstrokes, the fleeting and the definite sign, which together with the simplicity of the shapes become philosophy and theme of his creations.

"I would like to tell in a simple, gentle and veiled what is succedendo- says Carmen Munafò - telling the expectations of those who watch the sea and goes towards it", because we all have the duty and the right to hope.
Remember to leave, go and get.

Text by Letizia Molfetta

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Site laboratory "your mark on the history of the journey" - the laboratory that can leave a mark of their passage, act to want to say - I was there - a symbol of hope, rebirth, integration. Art as the only means combining.
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