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About Carlisle Robinson

Who am I?
My name is Carlisle Robinson. I am a deaf trans masculine queer comics creator whose dream is to make as many comics as possible. I am a creator of several comics, most notably the webcomic series What QQ. Through my comics, I want to educate people about disabled and queer people, plus provide much needed representation for minority groups in comics.

Why I need your support?
I want to keep drawing comics and illustration. Donations will be going toward my living expenses. This will allow me to focus more on comics projects instead of taking on non-comics jobs that are taking away my time. Also, the money will go toward ensuring that my equipments are A-OK. (Broken pen tablet or computer = no comics = yikes!). Making comics takes a long time, so any support would be greatly appreciated!

What is "What QQ"?
What QQ is my current ongoing autobiographical webcomic. It's mainly about deaf related issues I have, with often humorous spin on them. My aim with this webcomic is to educate the hearing people about deaf people. There's so much misconception about the deaf people that are leading to discrimination and ableism against the deaf people. I want to change that.

Oh and check out my site:
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