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About The Carolingian

My name is Gregory Name, I am a writer based near London and since 2016 I have edited The Carolingian journal within my personal website (The Carolingian). For a description of the entire project, visit my page on The Carolingian initiative. You will find an introduction to my work as a writer on my website Nulla Dies Sine Linea.

The mission of The Carolingian journal is to promote free debate on arts and culture, which is essential for our democratic life. We live in a globalised world and contemporary debates are decentralised. This is why The Carolingian is a multilingual journal. In the last issues, there were articles and essays in English, German, Portuguese and even Latin. We encourage submissions in any language.

To promote a debate on what is art and which cultural contributions can make a difference today, The Carolingian adopts two main strategies:
- calling for submissions of articles and essays (up to 7000 words) in any language, which are edited and published online on a regular basis;
- reaching out to artists, academics, intellectuals and anyone who would be interested in participating in a free debate.

At the moment, I am covering all costs on my own. By becoming a patron of The Carolingian, you would enable me to take the project much further. Your patronage would enable:

- creation of a printed version for the journal;
- implementation of more ambitious advertising online and offline;
- migration of the journal from my personal website to a proper domain;
- more freedom of mobility for me to contact and interview others;
- a small but essential emergency fund.

Take a look at the average media: There is less and less room for debate. Click-baits and fake news are the new rulers. Democracy is paying the price. Although The Carolingian is not a journal on politics, it is by doing what we are doing that we best serve democracy. I believe democracy is not just a technicality of constitutional law, but rather an active political attitude supportive of freedom and critical thinking. If you believe in the power of debate and if you have the means to contribute, you should support The Carolingian generously.

Rewards? If you patronise The Carolingian:
- your long-term reward will be a better world, where democratic debate and mutual understanding will prevail.
- your middle-term reward will be a unique Certificate of Patronage granted to those who support the journal for two years.

Your short-term rewards will be:
- insight into the editing of single editions.
- bimestral reports on activities and projects.
- possibility of one-to-one meetings to discuss new strategies.

The burden of funding The Carolingian should not be left to readers who are struggling. They should not be excluded from the readership. I understand my initiative as a sacrifice and a service for culture rather than just business: It is my aim to maintain access to the journal entirely free of charge. This is why I make a special appeal to those who have enough to give and are prepared for serious committment.

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With only five committed patrons, I will produce printed copies of The Carolingian journal to reach an international audience.
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