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My name is Diem the creator of Carpediem4ever1 the lifestyle. I start this journey through my Instagram account with my photos of my travels and food. I decide to create a blog to further explain my experience. I always love the phrase “Carpe Diem” which means “Seize the day” in Latin. In the pursuit of happiness and carpediem4ever1.
I desperately wanted a change of scenery<gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-anim ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-3" id="gwmw-15344012146119876630770">.</gwmw>We live in a world where we can get anything we want from our computer and even our phone. When commuting to work everyone around me are glued to the phones, computer, or tablets. We sometimes forget to go out and appreciate the little things in life. Please follow my journey<gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-anim ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-3" id="gwmw-15344012158317432054004">.</gwmw>
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