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At this level of support you will receive rpg-friendly descriptions and visual (system free) stats with every new creature, which will enrichen the experience of the art.
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About Nicholas Cloister

I'm Nicholas Cloister and I draw monsters. I design the creatures, I paint them, and I write about them. I enjoy taking my time with them, and to give them that extra touch. Sadly I can rarely find the chance to do so when I work for the companies. There is always the pressure of making the hours count. Few clients respect creatures enough to really make them matter. Numbers, budgets and goals are more important to them.

This is why my own creature-making is so much more satisfying to me. There is no fixed budget, and there is no dead-line. I can spend as many hours as I like bringing them to life. Support me in this and I will happily share them with you. You can give me the space I require to bring new and beautiful beasts into this world, unfettered, and relieved from the chains of commerce. I will give you quality – creatures brought out from the heart. 

Here are a few examples of my work. For more of my previous creature art visit my DeviantArt gallery

>>> Download the PDF with description and stats. 

Every new creature I make outside of freelancing will be added to this site. If my support grows I will spend less time doing commissions and more time bringing you my very best. I will produce most of my creatures on a white backdrop (and a separate layer) like the examples here, while some will be painted on a background, like the image at the bottom.

If you like my work, please consider a small pledge: 
  • You pledge per creature release.
  • A creature release consists of 1 new creature (but may occasionally include 2).
  • I will post a maximum of four creature releases per month. 

For the convenience of my patrons I will eventually bundle my creatures together in bestiary pdf:s. If you have supported me for a while, or pledges a lot per creature, these will be yours for free, as will my previous creature collections.

>>> Download the PDF with description and stats.

Unlike some artists I do not dream of world dominion or wealth. I just want to contribute. But like everyone else I like to live a life fairly similar to those around me. Should your support ever bring me to that level, I will make every new beast Public Domain as long as your blessing lasts. FREE stuff is wonderful, as long as the artists are respected for their contribution. 

I will give you creatures. Will you help them carry me? 

$59 of $450 per creature release
This is the most amount of money I've ever been paid by a client for a single creature to date. If the people can beat the money man, this project is truly taking off. : )
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