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Thank-you taking some time to check out my Patreon profile. I really appreciate it!

I'm an established video and internet artist that has been creating artwork and interesting experiences for people for over 20 years.

That said, performance and screening fees don't come close to covering my expenses for investing in the technology behind my work, let alone providing me with a basic, stable source of income so that I can spend more time developing my practice.

I am going to be needing a new computer soon in order to create new work for live performances in immersive video mapped dome environments, because my 2012 Mac laptop is not powerful enough to support the extremely high resolution video that needs to be made specifically for dome environments. In addition, I'm afraid that one of these days my 2012 computer is going to break down on's had a very good life, but I have a strong feeling that its days are numbered. If you would be so kind as to consider supporting me in purchasing a new computer, I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks again for your time in visiting my Patreon profile!

Find out more about my work on my website:
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I need to purchase a new high end Mac laptop in order to be able to properly process 4K high resolution video for video mixing and doing mapping projects in large spaces like immersive domes. It's really hard to figure out how I can do this on my own and I really need to replace my old 2012 Mac before it dies on me!
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