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Thank you for the support! Your help will go towards new stuff for my computer and various other things!


 ► EARLY access to view ALL of my thumbnails for future videos!

 ►  Shoutout at the end of all my videos!

 ►  Access to Patreon only QnA. (DM me on Twitter for more info).

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Thank you for the support! Not only are you helping me with getting new things for my computer and the channel, but this will help speed up the process!

 ► All previous perks.

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Thank you so much! This seriously helps! I will be able to get things for my new computer and get a new microphone even quicker with this! And you show how much you care for the YouTube channel!


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 ►  You get early access to ALL of my videos

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This is my optional Patreon where you can donate $1, $3, or $5 to me monthly. I will use the funds I get to buy things new things for the channel such as computer parts, a microphone, and maybe some channel art. If you chose to donate I thank you in advance and you will also get some cool perks when you donate!
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This is just a starting goal. This would be more than enough to help the channel out especially where I'm still in school. I just recently bought a new computer so that will help me be more active on the channel. With this as well I can buy new profile pictures and even work on some original animation ideas I have!
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