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Cash Flow Guys was born from a no bullsh** need for information that helps other learn to earn as real investors.  There are lots of "guru's" or those simply looking to make a buck providing others some useless content under the promise of a "get rich quick" mantra.  True investors don't get rich quick, they research, learn, and do their homework.  Our intent is to provide actionable advice to those willing to do the work, to those who realize that getting involved in real estate is lots of work...but that work WILL pay off over time.  For those about to build wealth, I salute you!

Many of you might be wondering, "What makes Tyler Sheff an expert?"

"What qualifies him to occupy my time?"

I encourage you to listen to my podcast at

OR join my live video Q and A at

If you find value in the content that my team and I provide then take the steps to keep the cost under control....if not, well, I can't help that...UNLESS you communicate with me what you need. Email me directly with how I can help you at [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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