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Hello! I am Cashile, a freelance illustrator and an aspiring storyteller/comic artist.

Currently, I am working in collaboration with other authors for their comic projects, as an artist.
You can find character pages, drafts, sketches here to those projects as well, but this page is dedicated only to support my own projects.

This project is still in the making, we do NOT have continous, scheduled uploads yet. Our crator page is for those, who would like to support our work. All our projects will be free to read and available for everyone. On Patreon, you may see work in progress shots, in development sketches, and at a later time, possibly artbooks and spinoffs.
Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to us <3


What is the -Shard project?

It started out as a standalone project of building our own unique fantasy world, Anshar;
but in time, it expanded into full stories.
Since there is a complex, living universe behind them, all of these stories are connected together, the possibilities are almost endless.
We wished to tell tales which are not only entertaining, but meaningful, relevant, and as believable as possible.
The main goal is to have the readers interact, and even leave impact on the stories we write, and expand them in their own unique ways.

To be able to work on all these, we work on introduction stories to practice our skills and grow up to the massive work this project needs.
For that, we need Your support as well, so that we can be more effective and fast with creating stories for our audience.


The first short story to introduce our universe, Anshar:
A tale, told by an old adventurer about an ancient artifact, mythical creatures, travels through many spheres, friends and enemies along the way. An encounter with a bard, who hates these sort of stories in general, and can't wait to correct it in many ways.
*Panned to be a shorter comic, completely free to read. (artbook might happen later)
*Readers can design their own characters into the story at fixed points.


The first of the series, a noir urban-fantasy graphic novel tells the story of the Serpent, after his exile from Paradise. His vengeance is truth; his aim is to reclaim freedom, and liberate mortals from their ignorance.
We wish to outline the basic aspects of our universe, while also telling character-focused stories. *Planned to be a trilogy, with over 200 pages per book. (+artbooks and extra content)

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