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About CAS Magazine

What is CAS Magazine?

CAS Magazine is an online publication that promotes the talent and achievements of many artists’ and their artwork from digital art to traditional painting, Photography, Design, and Film. These are the stories you do not here in big movies or corporations; instead, these are the stories of people you never heard of who have amazing talent and have achieved a level of greatness. We want to help artists shine and display their work, going about and behind the pages, helping the artists find jobs and collaborate with people with an interesting view and perspective. CAS Magazine is a social networking public application and source issue with interesting and great ideas.

My mission

My mission is clean and straight to the point, to help the up-coming artist to rise to the top of the hierarchy and share and inspire other young and new artist too shy to show their artistic styles of work. I would like to share new and interesting techniques and tip via adobe cc software and others or illustration strategy to help explains your plan for an awesome idea.

What's in My magazine & content?

CAS Magazine has amazing stories from great artists like digital art & traditional painting, Photography, Design, and Film. We like to go behind the scenes of a project and see how people collaborate to make amazing artwork. Interesting interviews with the artists and wonderful tutorial to help with awesome idea thinking. Video interviews, downloadable content for the tutorial, awesome reviews to art materials and supplies. News and update on comics, Anime, and video games as well.

Whom is this magazine for?

This magazine is for artists who love to be inspired by awesome and innovate people who love art. We cater for everyone, illustrator, photographers, graphic Designer, fashion designer etc.. We want to make this an awesome and amazing experience for everyone know around the world.
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