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Learn about tools to help you access your answers.

There are a plethora amount of tools one can use to enhance their psychic abilities. In this tier, I will demonstrate a different tool and how to use. Take the month to practice and familiarize yourself with each venture. 

Some techniques include:

* tarot cards

* pendulums

* angel cards

* oracle cards

* crystal balls reading (scrying)

* rune readings

* animal totems

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Learn different ways to connect to the spirit world of unseen helpers.

Connecting to spirit helps when you know their names. In this tier I will provide your angel or spirit guides name so you can call upon them to help you on your journey. 

Things covered:

* Different methods of connecting through:

- Meditation

- Automatic writing

- Telepathic communication

- Drawing

Spirit guides, angels, and even extraterrestrials, are all here to help us on our daily journey in this existence. Why not have a more personal experience and hear and feel their guidance




A near death experience propelled me into the psychic field. I returned from that life-changing event changed. I could telepathically talk to my spirit guides and angels, but I didn't know how to utilize what I was receiving. Although I kept my gift to myself, I would find when I spoke to people, that I was giving them answers to their questions. I didn't know that I was tapping into the other unseen realm. I pursued asking trusted “seen” and “unseen” people, how I was doing this and how I could learn more. My universal "team" answered and I learned from the best about my psychic abilities, and how to tap into them more.

Today, I am a professional psychic. If you are reading this because you know you are intuitive also but would like to take this journey to a newer level. Do you want to learn about your spirit guides, angels, and how you can branch out and gain more information using telepathy, the pendulum, tarot and oracle cards, runes, crystals, and much more? Support me in my effort to help you because, as you will learn, you didn't find me by accident!
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When I reach $50 per month, I will mail out to the first 10 patrons who pledged $5, a free Celtic cross tarot spreadsheet.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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