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I will sell simple logotypes for the price I've mentioned. Contact me if you want one, specifically as you want it to look like or that you buy a finished one. 




Me, Cassandra, is a graphic designer who's still in school where I'm studying graphic design full time. I have a goal and dream, and that is to acchive my "graphic designer dreams". That is to become famous and big within graphic design - if I can.
And what do I mean with that?
My meaning with that is that I want people, anyone, to notice my work and that it is so good that people are gonna buy some of my work in the end. 

So I created Patreon as a start to get to my dreams and goals within graphic design and acchive it. Because I do have my dreams with graphic design and I'd love to really get to my goal and feel great about it when I've acchived it!

And that's it from me for now. Hope you'll enjoy my work I will post on my page and maybe buy something, sometime!
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My goal is to get 100 patrons for now, just to grow big & get a steady beginning. So I hope you will like my work & will follow me as you get to see my progress & maybe some of my behind the scenes. 
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