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Thank you for supporting musicians! You care and that's huge to me. You'll receive everything below, plus anything else I can give you, such as access to special events or hanging out before a show. 
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You're allowing artists to do what they love, and there's never a day that I don't remember that! THANK YOU for being so generous with the musician community. You'll receive everything discussed previously, along with surprises in your personal email. I'll send extra stuff with you now and then, including personal videos, photos and communication. 
  • Access to my patron only stream.
  • Downloads of our songs as we record them (before release date)
  • Download of our 2018 album, titled Cass Clayton Band 
  • Download of our 2019 album, titled Play Nice
  • Exclusive downloads of PDF's sharing STORIES BEHIND THE SONGS. You'll learn more about how the song was written, what inspired it, and more secret stuff.
  • Random surprises in your email. Even I don't know what I'm sending yet, but it will be fun!
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What Is This Patreon Page For?  
To provide emergency relief for musicians during the COVID19 shut-down.

For the next 6 months (until Sept. 30, 2020), 100% OF CONTRIBUTIONS MADE ON THIS PAGE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED TO OTHER MUSICIANS to help make ends meet.
Like everyone, I'm a bit stunned to be in voluntary lock-down in my house due to the COVID19 virus. But I'm also grateful for some rare solitude and time to reflect. The past year was a good one. Our new album, Play Nice, was successful beyond my dreams, reaching #1 R&B Album in the U.S. for many weeks (Roots Music Report). We made a lot of new friends in the music scene. We had some fun shows and grew as artists. The generosity of others and our connection through music made all of that possible. Now seems like a good time to help other musicians who just lost their only revenue source. 

For Musicians:  There will be a simple, non-cumbersome application once there are funds to distribute. Every month, whatever is collected through this page will disbursed. Every effort will be made to benefit as many musicians as possible, focusing urgent needs. Think of this as an emergency fund. If you can afford to contribute, please do. The smallest amounts add up. 

Rocky Mountain Music Relief:  A few years ago, some friends and I started Rocky Mountain Music Relief to raise money for hurricane relief. We've reconvened this group, and each of us is doing what we can to help the cause. This group will be involved in disbursing funds impartially. 

What rewards do I get for contributing?
I really want you to feel you're getting value for your generosity. Please check out the tiers of giving! I'll be getting creative, sharing videos, photos, songwriting, random art, and more. This is a forum where we can communicate and share on a personal level. Many of my friends are independent artists like me, so essentially you're our label. I take that seriously and am using this time to double down and grow artistically in every area of life. I'll be sharing all of that.

I'll also be reporting on how the money is disbursed each month, being careful to protect the confidentiality of recipients. 

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yes, of course! You can adjust your pledge at any time for any reason. 

Thanks soooo much for supporting this Patreon page and the music community! You can always reach me with any feedback at [email protected] 

Stay happy and well!
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When I reach 500 patrons, I'll bring on someone to edit videos so I can create MORE music for you!
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