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You expect nothing back, and just want to support me. AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT.  I will give a thank-you shout out to you in my new twice-a-month Magical Happenings chats! You'll also receive a nice vinyl die cut Cassie Elle sticker!

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You want to support me EVEN MOAR and to thank you I will send you a sweet Cassie Elle die-cut sticker and a HOLOGRAPHIC die cut sticker! I will also give a thank-you shout out to you in my new twice-a-month Magical Happenings chats! 

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About Cassie Elle

Hello! I'm Cassie Elle, and this is my Patreon.

I am the co-founder of The Indie Game Report, a website consisting of many contributors in which we discuss the smaller scale publishers and designers of the industry, as well as those hidden gems you may not have heard of, but probably should.

The different kinds of content I create personally are 90% video content. I review games, create video tutorials for games, and preview videos as well. I share all of my content to my YouTube channel, as well as my website

I was really hesitant to create this Patreon as I do provide services for which I charge. While it makes absolute sense, I am unfortunately contacted primarily for my free services, which are video reviews. To say yes to a free service is to say no to a paid service, and I really want to continue to provide my free services. By donating and participating in this Patreon, you are helping me say yes to creating a lot of content for free! I will be starting a new live chat which I will host twice a month as well called Magical Happenings, where I will give shout-outs to all my Patreon supporters! 

Regardless if you can support this Patreon or not, you read this page, and I thank you tremendously for your support in all the forms you have given it to me. <3

My works for quick reference:
Groves Tutorial
Fry Thief Review
Concrete Canoe Wave Two Preview
All my works hosted by The Indie Game Report

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