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About Cassio Pantoja

Hello! My name is Cassio, I am a full time game developer that believes that the game industry has a similar appeal to the film industry.

What I mean by that is that a game is something that should give the player moments of complete immersion in a different reality, where that reality is not just a simple scenario but a whole universe with its own rules, people, history, and all the complex storywriting that any good book or movie has.

The game should puzzle you, the game should get you thinking about solutions, possiblities, what is happening, what could have happened. The game should leave you feeling as if you had just lost something, or some piece of you is missing when you finish it. As all good series, movies and books does.

These are the games that I am creating, this is the experience that I am giving back to the world, entertainment in a deep story, deep immersion in a new universe where you get to live experiences that our universe can't provide.
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At this point it means that things are getting better, I will not be so dependent on free assets, as I will be able to buy for 3d models, textures, skeletal meshes for characters, so the graphics quality of my games will greatly improve.
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