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Not really a "reward" but if you pledge $1 (70p UK) it really helps out, if you want to give more that's great it is completely up to you, any amount you can afford is fantastic. 
Also don't forget to get in touch with us if you have any idea's for song concepts or anything you would like to chuck our way.




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Who are we?

We are Cass.
We have been making music in various bands together for over 14 years now, and we consist of
Rhys Whipps (guitar, vocals)
Tommy Saich (bass, vocals) 
Dan Gibbons (drums)

We have turned to Patreon out of necessity; all 3 band members work full-time and are responsible for the entirety of Cass’ financing, however we believe that we are currently unable to reach our full potential due to having to save for months before we can afford to record our songs/replace faulty equipment/tour.
This is where you, the audience, enter the scene.
We believe that the landscape of the music industry is changing, and the way that people want to consume and interact with music is evolving. We like these changes.

By being transparent with our audience we can show a direct result of any and all donations (including a full breakdown of band costs), whilst maintaining the highest level of interaction. This means that audience will play a proactive role in all matters band-related, from helping us to decide on song titles and subject matters to being invited to star in our music videos. Weekly video updates will take our audience from their screens to our rehearsal studio and through every step of the creative process, all whilst encouraging an open and free dialogue between the audience and the band. This symbiotic approach to the music process is paramount to Cass’ survival, and means that we will be existing as a musical act in the purest sense of the term: we will be 100% reliant on fans liking and wanting to hear more of our music.

If I become a Patron I get?

All of our music we release
Chance to be in our Music Videos
Take part in the Creative Process
Free Tickets to see us live (These will be drawn at random)
Personal Video messages

Basically, if you like what you hear and would like to walk alongside us on this journey then please become a Cass Patron.

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