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Thank you for 100 pennies! I can now eat tWix ;)
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I shall follow you and give you my hearts <3
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To anyone who chooses to send me this many pennies, you deserve all the recognition I can possibly provide. I send any fans who give 10$ a ton of pizza rolls and memes in your DMs. I also give self help and advice to anyone going through a tough time! Just don't send me any pictures or messages that include sexual themes. I keep it fresh like spearmint gum (which is what I'll be buying with 10 buckerinos) 




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About Casual Mel

Why hello there people of the internet! My name's Melodi but, you can call me a variety of things: Casual Mel, Crazy Cat, Mel... etc. 
I make a ton of stupid and sometimes rather serious videos on my YouTube page but, I can't always afford to create these videos without some economic help. If you'd like to come on down and send me some help, that'd be absolutely wonderful! 
At the end of each season, I give shoutouts to everyone who donated and gave way to a bigger future for my channel. 
Seasons Include: March-May, June-August, September-November, December-February.

Stay Tuned for More and Succ My Thiccmorton.
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I'm trying to hit $100 to afford a new editing software to edit my videos :D
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