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About cat5kable

I've been playing games for literally as long as I can remember. I've loved everything about video games; the art, the stories, the gimmicks, everything! I want to share my excitement, wins, failures, and humor with the world.

And with your help, I can!

My intent is to gradually stream on Twitch more and more, showing off a mix of Retro gaming and modern Triple-A titles. Supporting me through Patreon will allow me to grow my hobby, as well as allow me to make unique types on content such as skits on YouTube that would be inherently nerdy in nature! :)
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This level is open to everyone that wants to support myself, the work I do, and any collaborations I do. Thank you for your generosity! 
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If I reach this goal, I will schedule a dedicated 8-hour stream once per month (instead of my usual short-burst streams!).
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