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I started to use computers in eighties, so my first skills are programming related, not wait...oops... I can hand draw and sketch since I was a kid. Some people will call this natural talent, that could be improved later by drawing lessons and even later during my fine arts course in university.
Professionally I started working as hardware technician ages ago. As a creative, I started to work with Flash animations and as Graphic Design Assistant learning Photoshop, Corel Draw (what a shame lol), and Pagemaker (aproximately by the end of 2000).

In the year of 2001 had the opportunity to learn a lot and practice as Artwork Trainee in a big advertising agency called Contemporânea, (branch of McCann/Ericsson in Brazil). Learnt a lot about Macs, Photoshop, Quarkxpress, Illustrator, Printing Process, Artworking, Art Direction, Advertising...etc. Forgot to mention that I had already started to learn 3D before 2000 but with older softwares like 3DStudio for DOS, Truespace and Blender. During these two years I was artworker I kept learning 3D using Maya, Blender, Lightwave and Rhinoceros.

2003 - Moved to another city (Belo Horizonte) and started to work with 3D prototyping for jewelry in a small familly factory RDC Jóias (it was quite new especially in Brazil and we know that still was at least until five or six years ago.
2004 - Moved back to Rio to conclude the university...between 2004 and half of 2006 have worked as artwork freelancer, graphic designer, 3d modeller and teaching Rhinoceros 3D in a private course.
2006 / 2007 - Worked in a small agency very cozy called Id&a Comunicação as artworker where I could also practice other skills like 3D and start to learn after effects. After this company I worked in a studio and magazine called Voice Design (early 2008), where I had many different duties like webdesigner, artworker, photo retoucher (programs used: basically adobe suite - photoshop, illustrator, indesign (sometimes still quark), dreamweaver, flash).

The next one was a retail and architecture company (PDV Brasil) where I could boost my modelling and rendering skills, some art direction could ocassionally happen (softwares: SketchUp, 3DSmax with mentalray and vray, a little bit of AutoCAD and Zbrush). Afterwards, I have been freelancing also developing some webdesigner skills. The start of my computer experience has allowed me to be friendly with coding, so I can handle some html, css and barely php. I also freelanced eventually with 3D.

In the year of 2010 I focused my training in After Effects and Cinema 4D (both started previously but they were really boosted this year). In January of 2011, I have got an unrefusable proposal from an important brazilian jewelry (H.Stern). So it was time to go back to Rhinoceros, and 3D printing. It was an amazing experience where I was wondered by goldsmithing and casting process. After two years, I decided head to an other way and to build a motion designer career. And here I am.
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When I reach my goal I will start recording bespoken tutorials, on different levels.
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