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About catbert7

Life is learning and a happy life is about doing something you love. For me, gaming checks both those boxes (assuming I can make a living from it!). I've been a gamer all my life and I always seek out new challenges to overcome, new systems to learn, new mechanics to master. This is what drives me; this, and sharing my knowledge and experience with others! I believe that gaming and education are soul mates.

For now, I seek to create a gaming community that shares my passion for intellectual growth through gaming, via video and streaming services. In the future, I hope to develop the skills to extend that passion into creating video games of my own that can be used in public education to show children that learning is a fun and intrinsically fulfilling pursuit, not just a means to an end!

I am extremely grateful to any and all who chose to donate their hard-earned money toward these ends and I endeavor to put out content that validates your support as much as possible. Thank you!