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About Catdoesdraws

Welcome to my Patreon! I have to set up more things, but at the moment I'll have 5 tiers, and at the moment I can upload things by mobile so... Please, be  patient until I can buy a New computer to be able to record tutorials, speedpaints and wips and more illustrations...


Hello kitties!
I'm Cat, a freelance artist that loves illustration, character design, concept art, anime and videogames!
Since I was a child, the anime world catch me up, and I was fascinated by. One of my dreams is make people happy with my drawings, and my biggest dream is be able to work as a Illustrator/Character Designer or Concept Artist!

My art is most original art, but I do some fanarts (and I want to make more). I mainly work digitally, but sometimes I do some traditional pieces!

Patreon give a chance to artist to connect with their patrons, who love and care their work.
As an artist, I have a lot of ideas and projects in mind, but I can't do al, of them alone. I need your help.


If you like my work and want to support me, you can by pledging 1$ or more per month (tip jar). 
If you want to go further, you have some tiers that maybe you're interested!

 Remember that you can always cancel anytime you want.

If you decide to pledge to my Patreon, you're not being charged right away. For example, you sign up some time in March. You'll first be charged on 1 April and you will receive your rewards shortly after that. I'm sending them out via direct message.


$0 of $800 per month
When I reach 800€, I'll be able to buy a new computer and I'll make a raffle with all my patrons with 7 winners! (Need to decide the prize) 
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