A caterpillar dreaming to became a butterfly

is creating A fund raising charity to become a pilot




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About A caterpillar dreaming to became a butterfly

Hey I'm from Mumbai, India. My dream is to become a pilot.I am a very hard working guy and always been focused towards my aim.
To become a pilot in India it takes a lot of money.
Since being poor with nothing  valuable to pawn, I cannot get a loan and my dream has came to a halt. I request you to donate me some amount so that I can pay the fees and pursue my dream to become a pilot.
I assure you to repay you back with the same intrest that of a bank. It will be helpful of you for donating a needy and help him pursue his dream.
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I'm a hard working 22 year old guy from India.
I want to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. for which it requires a large amount of money. As I'm from poor background the bank won't lend me a loan. So for all those who are reading this I request you to provide me with a loan and I assure you to repay the amount with interest. thanku?

I will provide you with all my details and everything.
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