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About Catharine

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Let me tell you more about me. 

I think it is very important to move in response to the creative tugs that pull on one's heart, so I have not allowed my 'style' to be pinned down in the normal way. 

It's so wonderful expressing artistic movement through many mediums, and humbling that it all seems to keep working. 
People also seem to be encouraged a great deal by the pictures that are made.

So Im here today asking for your help. Please help me dedicate more time to making those paintings and drawings and photographs.

Please become a Patron today and support this creative practice.

You will help me by working together to get the Art produced and out into the community so that it can be shared with many other well deserving people.

Please would you help me share it?
Become a patreon so the creativity can spread.

Let's go where the creativity leads. 

An Artist, Katarina Poljak once said, When you've been given a gift you can't keep it away from people. It's there to be a help to people and to be shared with the world. (Paraphrase)

If we work together who knows what can be accomplished!

Please become a Patron!
Asking for Financial help is never easy, but a Patronship from you will allow more Art pieces for our communities, and again, You!

You can contribute as much or as little as you like, but I recommend $7.00 a month.  

And, as Art gives and encourages, I also wish to give back to encourage you.  

First time patrons signing up for monthly patronships can recieve a rolled 18x20 sized print of any artwork they like. (Shipped to you in a tube).

Check out Instagram @CRGart to see whats available.

Send me a message and let me know which picture you like.

If you feel you are able to contribute a more generous amount $10.00 a month or more, I will be very happy to provide you a t-shirt with art on the front.


Again! Thank you so very much for your support!

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