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is creating Catalogue of Organisms, a guide to the diversity of life
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About Christopher Taylor

Since 2007, Catalogue of Organisms ( has been telling you about some of the incredible diversity of life that inhabits (or has inhabited) our world. Everything from giant ducks to pygmy elephants, from dinosaurs to dinoflagellates, from parasites to predators to prey. We're bringing you flowers the size of footballs, millipedes that fire toxic clouds of luminous gas, and marine microbes building themselves fabulous crystal castles. Oh, and bugs. Lots of bugs. By supporting my Patreon, you're helping me to continue to expand my coverage ever further, creating what is not only a fun and interesting website but also a useful and informative resource.

By day, I'm a (currently unemployed) invertebrate taxonomist based in Perth, Western Australia. I've worked on such animals as harvestmen (long-legged spider-like arachnids), mites, barklice and wasps. You can find my publication list at Google Scholar ( At the moment, I've got papers in the works describing new species of harvestmen from New Zealand and South Africa, parasitic mites clinging onto said harvestmen, and velvet ants from Western Australia. The image at the top of this page relates to one of the South African species I've been looking at. Unfortunately, the lack of a steady income in recent times has made it harder to dedicate as much time to this work as I'd like. Patreon supporters will not only be contributing to Catalogue of Organisms, but also helping me to describe new species of animal that might otherwise go unrecognised. You'll not only be helping me, you'll be adding to the sum of human knowledge!

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