is creating critiques, media commentary, with a pinch of humor (hopefully)

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I'm passionate about classic games, tech, diy retro projects, and the arts in general. I'm hoping to express this in a fun, but thoughtful way. I love making Youtube videos and it seems that when I do share these videos to my peers, they get a kick out of it. And not necessarily because they're trying to be nice, but because they genuinely like my content, so, I'd like to work harder to push some more out and have a bigger reach!

Much love, CatPat (A.K.A. Patrick)
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I want youtube to become my career. However, that means my content has to be good enough that people want to support my show. My first goal is to show you, the fans, that I'm competent enough and persistent enough to entertain you all with quality content. I welcome constructive criticism to ensure that my videos will continue to improve as time goes on. Once this goal has been met, you can expect my video releases to be much more consistent during each month.
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