is creating critiques, social commentary, and promotion of critical thinking

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Looking for an alternate perspective on ideas? That's what I try to tackle through my YouTube videos. This channel is for people out there who is tired of being mislabeled, and the dehumanizing treatment for being critical thinkers. Empathy goes a long way but it's a 2 way street. In today's social climate having an intellectually honest conversation has become an anomaly. The only way to recover grounded ideas of thought is by speaking up and that's what I aim to do. I'm aware everyone has a bias, however when you are attempting to be unbiased as possible, you are allowing a free market of knowledge to be consumed by your brain. Let facts and empathy guide your way to truth. I try to spin humor into these heavy topics to make it more watchable but I'm still learning. I also like to critique games, movies, and literature so you can occasionally expect that as well! I want you, the viewer, to donate IF you actually enjoy my content. That way I can continually improve if I'm not seeing good results. Life is a lot of trial and error. Don't let the error discourage you. Learn from it and continue to improve as a human being. Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

Much love, CatPat (A.K.A. Patrick)
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I want youtube to become my career. However, that means my content has to be good enough that people want to support my show. My first goal is to show you, the fans, that I'm competent enough and persistent enough to entertain you all with quality content. I welcome constructive criticism to ensure that my videos will continue to improve as time goes on. Once this goal has been met, you can expect my video releases to be much more consistent during each month.
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