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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my page!

Who is this chick?

My name is Caylaugh Clark, and I am an aspiring professional photographer. I live in rural Canada and am surrounded by forests and rocky hills only a stone's throw away. Photography has really only become a passion of mine over the past year or so, and I feel as though I am just scratching the surface of what photography can offer me, and what I can offer through photographs.

Primarily, I enjoy nature and landscape photography. There is nothing I enjoy more than being outside capturing the natural beauty of the world we live in.

I am creating this page in the hopes of gaining a foothold in a highly competitive playing field - that being digital photography - and to bring you along on my journey as I go from a hobbyist, complete newbie photographer with potential, to a full-fledged professional photographer. I have sooooo much to learn and I want to share that with you as I go. My hope is to inspire others to get out into the beautiful world and take some photos! 

What can I find on this page?

My posts will consist of a variety of content. However, you will most often see a photo, and what I learned or was practicing when I took said photo. I understand how overwhelming it may be to begin photography, so I hope to break everything down into layman's term, so that it is simple for everyone understand. I feel as though people who are just starting out want to accomplish masterpiece photographs right away (I was one of those people), and skim over the basics. I believe that it is so important to start with the simple things, such as understanding your camera. Once you've accomplished this, the rest will come. 

Why should I support you?

If you've never even heard of Patreon before, and have just found your way here, let me summarize how supporting me works. Patreon is a website dedicated to art, and creators. It is a platform that allows artists and creators to share their work, and for their fans and followers to support them financially as a Patron. If you wish to become a Patron of mine, you pledge a certain amount of money to me on a monthly basis. It can be as little as a dollar a month (or as high as you want), and you are free to remove pledges whenever you wish. Pledges are charged by Patreon around the 1st of each month**, so you have up until that time to delete your pledge if you so choose. You by no means need to pledge anything to me, mind you. You'll still get to see all my social media posts and still have access to my Smugmug page (where I sell my work), but being a Patron has its perks. More on that later!

In general, I plan to use the money that I make here to upgrade and purchase new equipment along the way, allowing me to become more creative with the shots that I take and increasing the overall quality of the photos. 

More specifically, I have a couple of reward "tiers" that, if you pledge your support for me at a prescribed amount, you'll receive behind-the-scenes photos, coupon codes for photographs and prints on my SmugMug page, and earlier access to my public posts. While this page grows, and I figure out the best way to share my passion with you, I may tweak the rewards or introduce entirely new perks to being a Patron of mine! 

I also really value your feedback, whether positive or constructive criticism. This will only help me improve as a photographer :)

Where else can I find your work?

Facebook Page
Instagram Page
SmugMug Store

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page, and I really appreciate your support in this endeavour!

**A quick note about Patreon charges - when you first become a Patron of mine, you are charged the day that you sign up, and again on the 1st of every month. That means if you sign up on the 28th, you are charged that day, and then again a few days later. You might want to consider waiting until just after the 1st of the month to become a Patron, to avoid being charged twice in quick succession. 

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