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Eight years ago I was diagnosed with a disease that is literally one in a million, and as the world around me seemed to keep moving forward I was trying to learn how to let go of the dreams I once had. For years I have watched YouTube, dreaming of starting my own channel. For the past four years I have put $5.00 a way a week in hopes that one day that dream would come true. A few months ago that dream finally came to fruition, and I gained more gifts than I ever could have imagined possible because I got the opportunity to connect with all of you. You will hear me say in my videos, "Please subscribe, become a part of the family and the community I hope to create here," because that is my ultimate goal for my channel among so many other things. I hope to build a community that is a happy place for us beauty lovers, spoonies, and everything in between; a world where we can support each other and create a network of friends we may have never knew existed. Each and every one of you that have clicked the subscribe button have literally changed my life, forever. There are things that no one tells you about being chronically ill, how isolating it can be, and how expensive it can be. We don't expect to drown in medical bills with no light at the end of the tunnel and I often stare at my child wondering how I will ever be able to avoid him knowing the struggle that I have. Doing YouTube is literally a dream come true in every sense, it allows me to work from home, it allows me to do my job even on days I can't walk and have had to be carried to the camera, and it allows me to maybe one day provide for my family and support myself like I always hoped I would. With your help, that dream may become a reality, and with each subscriber we get closer to the goal I pray for every second of every day. I love reviewing products for you all, but I lack the funds to buy products and equipment in order to create quality content. I don't know how to bridge the gap between now and the day that this may hopefully present a career path. All I know is that I love creating content more than I ever thought possible and I love all of you more than I ever could have imagined. You are not subscribers, you are friends, and you are family. You have given me a new reason to fight, and a new reason to get up each morning and I promise you that each of my videos has my all, and with each upload I am sending all of my love to each of you. By becoming a patron, you are giving me the opportunity to create content in hopes that one day this will become a career so that I am in a position to give back and we can try to change the world together. I love you more than words could ever express, and I hope that you will take this journey with me. To all of you that watch my videos, to all of you that have subscribed, and to all of you that are here on Patreon, you have changed my life in ways I could never express in words and I will never forget the gifts you have given me. I love you!
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When I hit 500 Patrons, I will hire in home care one day per week so that I can release a minimum of one EXTRA video weekly.
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