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About Cazzie Bliss

Welcome! I'm Cazzie. A 24-year-old duck. No wait, scratch that. Human. 24-year-old human! Yes!

You may be wondering what I do here. Well, I'm a creative soul who enjoys drawing, writing, animating and painting! I also love sharing my work with all of those who wish to take a gander. I love communities and having people to bounce ideas from one another and simply enjoy art and creating as a family!

By deciding to pledge to me, you will gain access to early releases of all art 1 day before any other social media! Including sketches and work in progress pieces. They won't appear anywhere else (the sketches that is) - haha! You will also have the option to receive just a simple thank you or the monthly postcard in either digital or physical form along with other goodies for the top tier! Why not have a look and see if any take your fancy?

I cherish all of my Patrons and would love for you to join me in my art adventures while getting a few perks for yourself! Pretty neat. Let's get stuck in, shall we? x

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