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Hey guys! I'm ChickenBones, creator of many popular Minecraft mods, including Not Enough Items, Forge Multipart, Ender Storage, Wireless Redstone, and others. I'm also a co-dev on XyCraft and Project Red. I also develop CodeChickenLib, a library to help make packets, vector math, rendering, and some other things easier for modders.

I have spent hundreds of hours working on these mods. I loved every bit and if you'd like to show your appreciation for my effort and time spent creating these mods, I'd be immensely grateful. Even if it's as small as a dollar per month, every bit counts!

If you have any suggestions for rewards or milestones, feel free to send me a message on twitter, however there are a few things I won't do. I work for the community, for free, everyone gets full functionality from my mods as soon as I can release them so if you don't want to or can't afford to donate, you won't be missing out on any part of my mods.

Twitter @ChickenBones2
Minecraft Forum thread
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$25.94 of $250 per month
A week of ad free downloads for everyone! This event will recurr every time we reach another $250 milestone.
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