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About CB Custer

Welcome to this awesome Beat Saber-focused Patreon!  Every month I release at least three new custom maps.  I'm starting out with mostly My Little Pony songs, remixes, fan-made songs, and my favorite electronic music like Madeon, Porter Robinson, TheFatRat, and the Rocket League Soundtrack (as well as the occasional Starset song).  If you'd like to suggest music for me to make maps to, see Patreon tier rewards where you can suggest songs and vote in monthly polls.

If my maps become popular and I start getting multiple pledges, I'll spend more time and make more maps with more difficulties.  As this community grows, I'll make more Patron-suggested songs and fewer of my personal choices.  All that will take place in monthly polls!

Thank you again for your support!
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It looks like there’s some real interest here. I’ll start making more videos of me playing other maps, or streaming or something to create more content.  Maybe I'll intentionally be more active in the modding Discord and give back to the community

Ill make myself available to help people install Beat Saber Mods or learn how to make maps.  Whatever I can do to help
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