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About CBenni

Hey there!

I am CBenni, creator of web apps designed for use with twitch.tv, namely:

Logviewer: a chat logging app that allows easy lookups for users and features mod logs, access control, integrations and more (Logviewer for Discord coming soon™) - see https://cbenni.com

Modch.at: A custom moderation-focused twitch viewer and multistream page - see https://modch.at

Modlogsbot: A discord bot that dumps twitch moderation logs into a discord channel

and much more.
Overall, I run many servers with server costs and other expenses nearing $100/mo, especially as the logviewer grows, I will need more and more capacity.

Your pledge will go towards paying for servers, domains, hosting fees and whatever other running expenses I have with my software - thank you very much for your support!

Note for patrons: I don't have automated redemption of any perks, please contact me in order to have your perks fulfilled!
$85 of $150 per month
Server costs for 2019
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