Vitaliy Bakal

is creating art, pixelart, videogames

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Hello, my name is Vitaliy. I do art, mostly pixelart. Ive been working in indie videogames for a long time, doing arts and assets for videogames:
I did graphics for several released steam games, most notably: (almost all art) (base sprites for bosses, aminals) (swamp area props)

Right now ive decided to move on to solo career, learning game maker and trying to get my projects of the ground. Unfortunatelly there is a giant smoldering crater on place of ukrainian gamedev scene, so its hard to find stable income and collaborators. Life is cheap in radioactive wasteland of ukraine, so getting above $60 would help me to pay the bills. Getting above $200 would allow me to keep making projects and art without thinking how theyll fit into my portfolio.

Right now im planning rewarding my patreons by giving access to asset packs, thatll be updated occasionally.
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