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About PinkSniperGirl

Hello there
Im Chantelle Bubbles and this page is all about what i love to do, and that is making all of you happy,smile or laugh...
  • Record my gaming and edit it just for you awesome peepz to check it out on Youtube
  • Live stream my gaming on twitch for you guys to come have a chat with me
Your donations go towards helping me, KINDA like a income to support me 
  • I dont have a real job, i can not work as a have scoliosis of the spine, i have a rod and screws in my spine, which makes it very hard for me to stand to long,to sit to long or do other stuff that normal people can do
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and support me! YOU ARE AWESOME!!
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I would really love to get to this goal...this can help me so much 
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