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About ccarretti

Hi, I’m ccarretti (Charlie Carretti). I’m trying to create art, comics, animation, and design that is truly unique and nice on the eyes. In my work I want to take you on creative journeys that break tradition and subvert normal expectations. And it’s something I would love to make a living doing.

On this Patreon page, for 1 dollar or more a month, I’m offering everything from sketches to high resolution files and other fun behind the scenes content of my work. You'll also receive the satisfaction of supporting an artist’s livelihood. Even just 1 dollar helps if a lot of you support me. Higher rewards are detailed on the side!

Projects I'm working on and want to work on include an abstract webcomic called VECTOR & RASTER, numerous graphic novels (these will take a while), short animated films (these will take a long while), and all the usual fan-art and experimental drawings.

Your contributions will help me obtain the better equipment and software I need to create ambitious projects with all my ridiculous ideas. And I have A LOT of ideas. So thank you!

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Thank you! With this pledge, you get access to my Patreon posts, including concept sketches, files, and tutorials if I'm feeling brave.

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At this level, you'll gain access to my exclusive Patreon posts where I'll share juicy early peeks of what I'm working on, spicy secrets about my art philosophies, and maybe even reveal my true form.

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For this final tier, in addition to the lower tier rewards, you'll receive a permanent 30% commission discount. Whenever you commission me (link in description), use the same email address you use on Patreon so I know to discount you!

And one more reward: you’ll get an exclusive discount code to use on my shop. (link in description) I‘ll message you the code through here on Patreon. Thanks!

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For my first 10 patrons, you'll each get a one-time sketch of (almost) anything you want! I'll message you through Patreon to ask you what you want.
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