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About Cecilia Tan

Hello, everyone! I've been writing and publishing professionally for a couple of decades as I type this. If you don't know me, I pioneered the genre of erotic science fiction by self-publishing my book Telepaths Don't Need Safewords back in 1992. Since then I've written dozens of novels, edited hundreds of anthologies, and been published by presses big and small, but through it all I've always continued to try out new forms of self-publishing and reaching readers, including serial fiction, crowdfunding, and of course, Patreon!

Through this Patreon you can support my creation of passionate fiction, including:
  • My web serial Daron's Guitar Chronicles
  • More fiction and stories in the Magic University world
  • The Vanished Chronicles (forthcoming urban fantasy series for Tor Books)
  • and other pursuits that strike the muse!

I first started this Patreon in 2013 strictly to be about Daron's Guitar Chronicles. But people keep hopping in here who "just want to support" generally, so I am not going to go against the tide! Also, as of 2019, we've entered what is likely the last year of the current arc of Daron's story, and he'll be taking a break. After ten years of serialization with minimum 2 posts a week, he's ready for some rest! So it was time for a revamp of how things work here. 

Time for a Change

The other reason it's time for a revamp here is because we've entered a new age of censorship and conservatism in publishing. I write a lot about sex and sexuality. My stories feature a lot of queer characters, and even when the stories aren't graphically erotic, they often center around the sexuality of the characters. You'd think stories with PG-13 level of sex would be safe, but they're not. We've seen it happen many times where Amazon tweaks their algorithm to suppress content (remember when they mysteriously de-listed all "gay" books and claimed it was a "glitch"?). Just this week I saw an announcement that Instagram will now suppress "vaguely inappropriate" content. (And Patreon itself requires anything graphic to be posted to patrons-only...)

The point is that the marketplaces that have made self-publishing viable--the places that let indie authors connect with buyers and customers--are becoming more censorious. They're doing it subtly a lot of the time. You can still USE the platform, but you won't be given the same visibility as "clean" content. They disable discoverability so that you'll only be seen by the people who already know about you. 

This is why it's important to establish this lifeline of support. The boom time for erotic romance a la "50 Shades" is over, both in indie publishing and in the big presses. I had a nice run in the wake of the "50" phenomenon where I suddenly wasn't "too kinky" for the mainstream. But that wave has passed.

How You Can Support

Patreon lets me create specific tiers of support now! So if you want to support DGC specifically, there's a $4 per month tier for that (it's $1 per week but patreon charges it at the end of the month). 

General support for all my passionate fiction starts at $1 a month, for which you get access to lots of posts here, but I'm also launching an "insiders" tier at $5 a month specifically for those who want more access. At $5 and up, you'll see how the sausage is being made. I'll be posting work in progress, notes and writing exercises... you'll see the metaphorical wet clay when it's still a gray lump starting to take shape. (And sometimes it'll collapse and need to be redone! Fiction is like that sometimes!)

Over at the Daron's Guitar Chronicles website content is still completely free and readers are still welcome to donate whenever they feel moved to (or to get periodic bonus content). DGC patrons get all the bonus content that regular readers at the main website would have to make a la carte donations to get, as well as copies of the finished DGC ebooks whenever they periodically appear. I share other goodies from time to time, too. 

Rundown of perks:

  • $1 patrons: access to some patron-only posts and occasional bonus short stories & scenes
  • $4 patrons: access to all the DGC-related bonus stories, scenes, and ebooks, plus everything from the $1 tier
  • $5 patrons: "insider" access to all the digital content: writing process posts, all bonus materials, and ebooks
  • $10 patrons: mega-insider! you get all the perks of the previous tiers, plus an annual card or gift from me
  • $25 patrons: mega-supporter! you get all the perks of the previous tiers, plus copies of whatever new books I publish

I'm mulling over doing livestreams, hosting patron get-togethers, and other stuff, too, but a lot of that will depend on the feedback I get from you. For now, thanks for reading!
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When/if we cross the $250 a month threshold, I'll do a one-hour patrons-only livestream and online reading!
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